Custom Product Inquiry

If a standard AP Silicones product does not resolve your process or product needs, the AP Silicones R&D Department will work with you to develop a solution that works.


The AP Silicones team of chemists and technicians are expert at analyzing and developing custom products to meet your process requirements.


Custom formulations begin with a needs analysis answering questions related substrate, process stream, Plant conditions, metering and mixing methods, environment (temperature, pH etc.) regulatory and cost parameters.

The R&D process follows ISO2001:2008 guidelines for Design and Development and includes:

  • Design plan
  • Product development
  • Product verification
  • Product validation

AP Silicones ensures all aspects of the custom product from trial to full scale up.


For over 50 years AP Silicones has invested in our people, and our equipment. The goal has been to be a leader in our strategic market segments through diversification, flexibility, and continuous adaptation. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located in California. Warehouses are strategically located to service our customers with fast service.