Antifoams / Defoamers

Antifoams/defoamers are used to eliminate foam from manufacturing, food and treatment processes, providing efficient operations and a safe working environment.  AP Silicone’s line is comprised of silicone, mineral oil and vegetable oil based antifoams ranging from 5% to 100% active in both water based and non-aqueous with economical price points. Our products are designed to fit any system – FDA & Kosher, low or high pH, biological.


Emulsions provide a manageable way to control the amount of silicone being used in a formulation or process and allow easier formulation with silicone.  AP Silicone’s water-based emulsions are engineered for use in both specific industries and across every industry, offering FDA & Kosher, octylphenol ethoxylate free and alkyl phenol free. Commonly used in person care, car care and mold release industries, our emulsions are easily dispersible in water, and when sprayed, wet out, providing a clean, thorough coating and can yield similar end results when used in your formulations.


Silicone is a colorless, tasteless, odourless, inert liquid. Being inorganic, it provides efficient and long lasting slip, defoaming and shine properties. When modified, silicone can be made reactive or paintable, opening the doors for unique applications.  Ap Silicone offers modified and unmodified silicones, in addition to our specially formulated blends which offer better wetting, shine and release.

Specialty Products

The key to becoming number one is to help others around you become number one. AP Silicone works hand in hand with its customers to develop custom formulations, helping to provide you with the edge you need to become a leader in your industry.  From food to tire to pulp & paper to water & sewage, AP Silicone will tailor our product to fit your application, plant, environment or formulation.